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Asthma, Allergies, & Chiropractic

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Chiropractic, Asthma, and Allergies... Oh my!

Spring is a time for allergies to start kicking in, as well as asthma.  For some, this includes exercise-induced asthma. Recently I was on a trip to Sedona with my mom and sisters.  My mom started suddenly coughing shortly into a hike. My mom's irritated comment was "it's just allergies".  Knowing better that she doesn't typically cough in the outdoors, I realized this was a structural issue related to an increase in exercise that she wasn't used to and spasm of what we call the "accessory breathing muscles".  I made her stop and I advised her on diaphragmatic breathing and very specific stretching and she finished the hike without a cough!



In my chiropractic practice, I help asthma using specific techniques to increase flexibility in the rib cage, diaphragm,  and neck muscles to allow for increased breathing capacity. Also, one of the unique features of chiropractic, is that by improving spinal alignment there is also better nerve communication to the bronchioles to assist in proper dilation and constriction.  I help allergies in the same way. Most people find the sinus airways open with treatment to the neck and base of the head because this improves blood flow and nerve communication to not only the sinuses but also the immune system via what is called the vagus nerve.


Long term use of inhaled steroids has many unwanted repercussions including adrenal gland suppression, thinning of bones, oral yeast infections, and thin skin. A bone density study should be performed regularly.  Ask your provider at Clinix about the DEXA scans we have available in our imaging department and how to have that covered by your insurance.  Nutri D and Nutri-Bone are available in the Clinix nutrition store. 


For allergies,  I like to recommend Nutri-C Fizz available in our Clinix nutrition store as it is an alkaline form of Vitamin C for more stomach Nutri-Script logotolerability and has bioflavanoids which are natural anti-histamines.


 Article written by: Dr. Serena Elhardserena elhard

Dr. Elhard provides chiropractic care with an extensive educational background in kinesiology (muscle testing) and the latest advances in nutrition and homeopathy. She specializes in the treatment of hormone, mood, brain, & immune imbalances, digestive issues, foot and knee biomechanics, chronic difficult pain cases, thyroid/adrenal fatigue and difficulty with sleep.

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